Obtain fast and secure access to the SettleiTsoft® software platform from any device

SettleiTsoft System Platform Benefits!

No matter where you are, the system will interact with your creditors 24/7 providing them a direct channel of communication without having to employ harassing phones calls. This platform virtual accessibility benefits both you and your creditor. Discover extraordinary productivity and flexibility in your settlement process with SettleiTsoft.

Debt repayment is now easy with SettleiTsoft debt settlement App

Connect while traveling.

No more separation anxiety – system account is always accessible to you and your creditors. Travel for business or pleasure and still keep track of all your negotiation and settlement activity. Just login from any Internet-connected device or through the Phone App to interact with the system.

Reduce your Mail.

Avoid the mail traffic jam by providing your creditors with direct access to you through the notification system within the SettleiTsoft software.

Rely on it.

With robust, redundancy data centers technology, SettleiTsoft software is ready when you are. And SettleiTsoft strict security protocols ensure your data is protected.

Debtors in financial distress have rights

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (P.L. 95-109), https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/STATUTE-91/pdf/STATUTE-91-Pg874.pdf debtors have the right to request in what manner and when creditors shall contact them. Therefore, by utilizing the SettleiTsoft platform, debtors are establishing this electronic method of communications as their preferred manner of negotiation, which could then help stop debt collection calls from creditors and allow the unpaid debt obligation to be amicably resolved.

Take Control of your financial life - SettleiTsoft
Take Control of your financial life - SettleiTsoft

SettleiTsoft safeguard consumers against fraudulent & deceptive debt settlement practices

Consumers in financial distress who are constantly being harassed by aggressive debt collectors have found a great relief with this Free digital solution to negotiate unpaid debts, while at the same time putting an end to debt collection harassment and fraudulent debt recovery practices.

The innovative digital tools of this powerful software platform encapsulate all aspects of the debt negotiation and debt settlement process; making it easy to digitally interact with debt collectors in a non-confrontational virtual environment. By using this affordable technology, consumers in economic distress should be able to stop harassing debt collection calls, negotiate debt settlement arrangements for unpaid debts, and retake control of their financial lives.

Fully automated debt resolution system.

The free debt relief App - SettleiTsoft - allows users to streamline the debt negotiation and debt settlement process; enabling the entire operation to be fully automated and accessible anywhere, anytime. Its secure virtual environment provides a new level of protection against fraudulent practices and 24/7 assistance to all consumers; essentially placing financial control back in the consumers’ hands.

Take Control of your financial life - SettleiTsoft
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Interact with your creditors anywhere 24/7.

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Use the online software tools to negotiate and determine payment arrangement.

SettleiTsoft®pro streamlines the debt settlement process by providing even more unique features and automated, seamless interaction between consumers and their creditors to expeditite the debt negotiation process.
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