Committed to designing advanced technology software solutions based on current market conditions - integrating financial services, custom system platforms and mobile applications into a robust, easy to use, comprehensive user experience.

Our Inside Story

SettleiTsoft Inc. was created to help Users – such as you – restore their path to financial freedom. Our powerful system platform – SettleiTsoft® – will help you complete the journey. After choosing the most convenient way to improve your current financial status, the system will intuitively assist you through the entire process; providing all the financial tools, general knowledge, and guidance you require – anywhere, anytime. No matter your motivation, SettleiTsoft software will provide a great experience to all Users. Our expert Team has carefully designed and developed this innovative system platform with a singular purpose: Customer Satisfaction.
Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, our passionate, forward-thinking group strives every day to improve the transparency of the SettleiTsoft system platform and its comprehensive financial tools. The visionary behind this free, self-help debt negotiation has experienced firsthand the desperate need for tools to help consumers resolve their financial crisis without becoming involved with costly programs, which in most cases place the consumers even further behind in obtaining financial freedom.
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SettleiTsoft® System Platform

The constant changes in the financial industry have inspired the SettleiTsoft Inc. Team of professionals and software engineers to find better and more efficient ways to assist consumers in need of accessible and affordable debt negotiation solutions, while providing communication channels for debtors and creditors to easily and proficiently interact with each other securely. Therefore, we are committed to continue integrating the power of tools utilized by consumers in the debt negotiation process with advanced development of intuitive, user-friendly, self-help mobile applications and web-based systems to assist consumers with their financial needs.

The SettleiTsoft system platform automatically interacts with the debt negotiation and settlement resolution process. The platform provides comprehensive financially-related information and other material to all users within the system’s extensive Knowledge Base section.


Since the early 1990’s, members of the SettleiTsoft Inc. Team have been developing custom software solutions and creating one-stop software platforms for individuals and businesses worldwide; improving their interaction with digital services. Our experienced Team of professionals encompasses an array of creative technologies, software design, business operations and marketing solutions; making our products easy to use, friendly and unique. The SettleiTsoft Inc. portfolio includes Debt Settlement Software, Budget Management Systems, CRM Platforms, Enterprise Database Integration, and Intuitive Financial Tools. Our top-tier group delivers innovative and intuitive technological solutions relevant to market demands.

Our Mission

SettleiTsoft Inc. is committed to the design and development of superior state-of-the-art systems in order to deliver the finest contemporary applications and robust, user-friendly tools. By placing significant emphasis on technological research, innovative marketing techniques, strong leadership, and strategic alliances, SettleiTsoft Inc. will continue to improve and maintain the ongoing satisfaction of its customers worldwide.

Our Vision

The SettleiTsoft Inc. Vision is to be a market leader, creating lasting customer relationships through operational excellence and innovative products.

SettleiTsoft TEAM

SettleiTsoft Inc. Is comprised of a group of diverse, talented professionals who came together with the idea of developing a smart system solution for all consumers in financial distress. The SettleiTsoft Team is committed to cleverly designing new tools and improvements to guide consumers through the negotiation process; while simultaneously providing instruction on how to effectively use the system, along with general and basic financial concepts. Our Team is devoted to “leveling the playing field” for consumers in financial trouble – not just for credit card debt, but for any type of contractual debt obligation. This has been the standard under which the design and development of SettleiTsoft software and its multiple intuitive financial tools continue to operate.

SettleiTsoft was formulated from the minds of the most innovative software designers, engineers from various disciplines, seasoned marketing and media professionals, financial analysts, banking experts, serial entrepreneurs, and other specialists.


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