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Debt Settlement is easy now with SettleiTsoft

Debt Relief that Works
without Paying Traditional Debt Settlement Fees.

Stop Harassing Debt Collectors Calls the Smart Way.

SettleiTsoft mobile application

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Get the phone App and settle your debt easily while having fun along the way with SettleiTsoft®.

Enter all the accounts you wish to settle and sit back while the system does the heavy lifting for you.

  • The simple first step to get out of debt

    Sign up with just your email and
    the password of your choice.

    The simple first step to get out of debt
  • The simple first step to get out of debt
    The simple second step to get out of debt

    Enter your profile and
    Creditors information.

  • The simple third step to get out of debt

    Start the process of sending
    settlement proposals.

    The simple first step to get out of debt
SettleiTsoft Simple


The system platform is accessible 24/7. Users may access the software from any Internet-capable device anywhere, anytime.

SettleiTsoft Secure


The software maintains high security protocols with Cutting-Edge encryption algorithms. The system sends alerts to the user to confirm access to sensitive data.

SettleiTsoft application mobile

The users are always in control of the process – whether they access the online portal or mobile application; each of which facilitates communication and interaction between debtors and creditors.

Our highly skilled team of profesionals work hard to provide the most comprehensive system platform solution to help consumers achieve financial freedom.

What SettleiTsoft Users are Saying

"Easy debt settlement application. It has a wonderful set of instructional videos from start to finish. I can’t say enough about how great this debt negotiation experience has been".
Lorena Rivas

"Signing up for SettleiTsoft was the best decision of my financial life. I have control of my budget and finally I can breathe again. The whole debt settlement process is very easy. I just want to thank the group of people behind this great platform for giving me this free digital tool and the boost I needed".
Karen Davis

"Simple to use and you have complete visualization of how your debt settlement negotiations are doing. The way it works is just what I had always imagined in my mind to deal with my debt collectors. The app is a great tool with the option of history for all communications with your creditors".
Susan Rivera

"Mind blowing debt settlement platform and mobile app. I feel no stress dealing with my creditors now. I have referred many people to download the free app from Google Play. I am using the budgeting and financial tools regularly. Best of all, it’s free. I am really satisfied".
James Bernard

"I started using this app to settle my outstanding debt with very annoying and harassing debt collectors. Works very well once the creditors accept the invitation to negotiate through the debt settlement platform. I just upgraded to the PRO version, and that's something I don't usually do. It tracks the debt of each person in my household separately".
Emile West

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